Summertime Baltic herring with new potatoes

The Baltic Herring Market is coming up in October, but Baltic herring delicacies are a great addition to the summer menu in the meanwhile.

Feel free to add your own twist to the crème fraîche with some fresh tarragon, mint or basil, curry, or fresh chili with lime.


400 g Baltic herring fillets


1 dl water

1 dl distilled white vinegar

0.5 dl sugar

0.5 tbs salt

Bring the broth to a boil and wait for it to cool.

After removing the skin, spread the fillets evenly in a wide dish. Pour the broth over the fish and cover with cling foil. Let the fish sit overnight in the refrigerator.


2 red onions with stalks

200 g crème fraîche

lemon juice

salt and pepper


Strain the fish and cut the fillets in half. Slice the onions thinly and place in a dish, and squeeze lemon juice over them. Let the onions soften for a moment. Add the crème fraîche and the fish. Season with salt and pepper. Chop some chives over the dish for a final touch.

Serve with new potatoes boiled in generously salted water and seasoned with fresh dill.

Kuva: Hanna Kulmala
Kuva: Hanna Kulmala
Kuva: Hanna Kulmala
Kuva: Hanna Kulmala